Muscle Milk is NOT Vegan (#Contested)

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20110318-023600.jpgDespite the omnipresent label “Contains no milk” on all muscle milk products, the beverage indeed contains 3-4 ingredients that are undoubtedly animal derived, including and most of all, from milk.

According to the label, muscle milk contains a compound called “evopro” consisting of

micellar alpha and beta caseins and caseinates, whey concentrates rich in alpha-lactalbumin, whey isolates, whey peptides, purified bovine colostrum extract rich in secretory IgA and IGF-1, glutamine peptides, l-taurine, lactoferrin

Here are the ingredients in context for one of their products, Blueberries n Crème. Again, notice the words “whey,” “casein(ate),” and “bovine.”

EVOPRO (Micellar Alpha and Beta Caseins and Caseinates, Whey Concentrates rich in Alpha-Lactalbumin, Whey Isolates, Whey Peptides, Colostrum Extract, L Glutamine, Taurine, Lactoferrin). LeanLipids (Trans-Fat lipid complex consisting of Canola oil, Sunflower and or Safflower Oil, MCTs, L-Carnitine), Fructose, Maltodextrin, CYTOVITE I (Vitamin and Mineral Premix consisting of Vitamin A acetate, Ascorbic acid, folate, Thymine monohydrate, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Pyridoxine HCL, Cyanocobalamin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Di-Calcium Phosphate, potassium Iodide, potassium chloride, Ferrous Fumarate, Magnesium Oxide, Copper Gluconate, Zinc Oxide, Chromium Nicotinate), Freeze-Dried Blueberry Powder, GCC (Proprietary endogenous Creatine precursor consisting of Glycocyamine, Betaine Anhydrous), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Soy Lecithin.

Individual Products

Muscle Milk Pineapple Banana
Muscle Milk Blueberries N’ Creme
Muscle Milk Mocha Joe
Muscle Milk Chocolate
Muscle Milk Natural Fresh Strawberry
Muscle Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan
Muscle Milk Natural Real Chocolate
Muscle Milk Dulce De Leche
Muscle Milk Strawberry Shake
Muscle Milk Strawberry Banana
Muscle Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter
Muscle Milk Natural Vanilla Creme
Muscle Milk Horchata
Muscle Milk Rocky Road
Muscle Milk Chocolate Mint Chip
Muscle Milk Banana Creme
Muscle Milk Chocolate Malt
Muscle Milk Cinnamon Bun
Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme
Muscle Milk Chocolate Banana Crunch
Muscle Milk Cookies N’ Creme
Muscle Milk Egg Nog
Muscle Milk Orange Creme
Muscle Milk Pina Colada
Muscle Milk Creme Brulee
Muscle Milk Peach Mango
Muscle Milk Root Beer Float
Muscle Milk Chocolate Caramel
Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme (N)
Muscle Milk Chocolate Milk
Muscle Milk Cookies N’ Creme
Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme
Muscle Milk Collegiate Strawberry
Muscle Milk Collegiate Chocolate Mint
Muscle Milk Collegiate Cookies N’ Creme
Muscle Milk Collegiate Chocolate

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